Originally from Connecticut, I graduated from The New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. After receiving my BFA, I remained in Boston and designed marketing materials, branding and magazines. (And became a huge Red Sox fan). Then, it was time to shake things up. I headed west and drove out to Los Angeles, where I worked for a fashion trend forecasting company, designing their monthly magazines. After a few months I hopped on the entertainment band wagon to work for Mantra Films, where I designed DVD covers, logos and landing pages. From there, I worked at TOMS Shoes as a studio artist, performing production design, photo retouching, designing in-store signage, landing pages, e-blasts and web banners. I then worked at Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. and designed their marketing material, packaging, web banners, coupons and in-store promotions before designing at Lorna Jane, a fashion fitness company. At Lorna Jane, I designed daily emails, along with website design, invites, banners, in-store designs, and social media content. After ten years in Los Angeles, I have settled in Raleigh, NC and I am a freelance graphic designer working with numerous clients from China to New York to Los Angeles.

In addition to design, I have a certification in social media marketing from Syracuse University. I also run and edit a lifestyle blog called hoopLA and hoopLA east which has led me to perform freelance social media and write for other outlets including EaterLA, Egoreview Magazine, The Argonaut and CBS LA.